Editors and Producers receive 100’s of press releases every day sent by people and companies who believe thier story merits coverage.  But there is only so much space in newspaper or magazine and very limited time on TV and radio.  So how can you increase your chance of getting coverage?  Become “NEWSworthy”.

4 Simple Steps To Media Coverage

1. Get Active In Your Community
Volunteer for business and civic organizations. You’ll not only generate positive press for the organizations in which you are active, but for your company as well.

2. Become A Speaker
Find a topic that you are passionate about, develop a presentation and offer to make your presentation for free. You not only get exposure to new faces (and potential new clients), but even those who already know you will see you in a new and very positive light. But remember, your presentation should never be a sales pitch about your company, its products or services.

3. Write a guest articles or send letters to the editor
By providing your thoughts on a subject related to your industry, you reinforce your credibility as an expert in your field.

4. What’s New?
Have you or your company received an award?  Are you offering new products or services?  Did you hire or promote someone? Spread the word!

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