It’s holiday time and many of us will close up and enjoy the long weekend.

Maybe you’ll take the family to the beach, go on a quick “getaway” vacation, watch fireworks or enjoy a good ‘ol BBQ.

Why not take advantage of the extra time off to polish off a vital marketing chore that’s often neglected? If you haven’t updated your website and social media accounts in a while, this long weekend is the perfect opportunity to re-energize them. Do you have new accomplishments? New testimonials? A new hire? New products or services potential customers may find of interest?

Here are four areas to check out and ensure they are up-to-date:

Personal and/or Company Information: When was the last time you updated the “About Us” page on your website or social media accounts? Does it properly reflect what your company is currently doing and the product/services your offer? Also, make sure that you have included links on your website to all your social media accounts. Likewise, does your company profile and your personal profile as shown in your social media accounts properly reflect your lasts information? Don’t forget to put a link to your website on all your social media profiles.

Your Photograph: Are you using a photo that shows how you look today? Many of us forget we change over time. Do you have a new hairstyle, maybe you now use glasses or have replaced your glasses with contacts, or guys may have grown a beard, goatee or shaved off that mustache. People like to see how you look today – so they won’t be surprised how you look when they meet you in person.

Testimonials: It’s time to add hot new testimonials at the top of your website. Glowing old testimonials show longevity. But if all your glowing reviews are a few years old, potential clients may get the impression you haven’t wowed anyone lately. So put those new testimonials on your website stat!

Social Media Mix: You should at least be using these three social media services: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you have a product or service that can be appreciated visually, consider adding Instagram and Pinterest to your social media mix.

So take a little while over the holiday and make sure your internet presence is completely up to date.

And have a great holiday weekend!