A PR1/Marketing Firm brings a lot to the table. For starters, we manage the way the public (which includes your current and future clients) perceives you and your business.So, why is it important to have a PR/Marketing Firm manage your appearance?

1. PR is Marketing. At the end of the day “it is what it is.” Just like hiring a graphic artist to design your company logo, you need a PR/marketing firm to manage your communications. Even if you write well or sell well, it’s unlikely you possess all the qualities needed to run successful PR/Marketing campaigns.

2. PR/Marketing is harder that you think. Among the many things your PR/Marketing firm can do are: organizing speaking engagements; influence the public’s perception of your company and its products & services; manage your social media; anticipate issues that may impact your company or your industry; create or maintain a positive, trustworthy image of your company; and keep your business visible to your buying demographic.

3. Sometimes you need an outsider’s perspective. Have you ever written a press release, brochure or website content? It’s not easy. You can come across as pretentious or – maybe even worse – unimpressive. When a PR/Marketing firm handles this aspect of your business, we have an unbiased eye that allows us to be truer to how your audience actually perceives you – versus how you think they perceive you.

4. Time is Money! Every business (including your competition) is working hard to stand out from the crowd. A Marketing/PR firm can help you break through all the noise and reach your target audiences.