Challenge:        Founded in 1939, it is the oldest continually operating credit union in South Florida.  Its membership includes municipal employees as well as employees of is member companies.  The credit union found its retention rate was declining as its members believed the credit union could not provide them with latest products and services.

Strategy:          We created an 80th anniversary event highlighting the fact it was South Florida’s oldest continually operating credit union.  We created a new, modern logo and a new tag line “Contemporary Products. Traditional Service.” All signage and collateral materials were updated to reflect their new branded image. A Social Media Action Plan was designed and implemented with messaging that highlighted all the financial services the credit union offers using creativity in both text and graphics and incorporating video.  Visits to their website dramatically increased, as did online loan and new member applications.

Results:            The credit union appeared fresh and new to its members.  Everyone knew they could get all the same financial services offered by banks while getting higher interest rates for saving accounts, low or no-fee checking accounts, and low interest rates on loans.  The credit union opened a call center to handle the increased business.