Jargon, corporate-speak, coined-terms – have always seemed to be words people toss out to sound smarter, more in tune and a cut above the hoi polloi.

In realitylove-hate all they do is obfuscate clear, concise communications. And in PR and Marketing aren’t we all about clearly getting across the point?

So, in the category of words I love to hate the winners are:

Circle Back – it doesn’t mean a thing. It is used to mean we will address this at a later time – so why not just say that?

Touch Base – are we playing baseball or working in a business environment?

Mission Critical – are you on Apollo 13 (“Houston we have a problem”)? If not, just say this is our #1 objective!

Best in Class – Are we talking about a business or a show dog?

Drill-Down – only use this if you are the CIO or on his team  — otherwise people will think you’re in the exploratory mining business.

So let’s focus on what we are saying and not what we are trying to say by cutting out the jargon in all our communications!!